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Cape Verde is internationally recognized for its political, economic and social stability and is therefore considered a success story in Africa. The extraordinary geostrategic position, in the center of all the most important routes in the Atlantic, allows Cape Verde to be close to almost all continents and to be inserted in several markets. These factors, together with the country’s commitment to an attractive investment policy, make the archipelago a safe and advantageous destination for investments. The country’s history allows it today to enjoy great credibility with important international partners, whether multilateral or unilateral. Aiming to be a business hub to and from Africa, Cape Verde is a country open to investment and therefore, in recent years, it has focused on improving its business environment, working on the competitiveness and productivity of its companies. As an economy based on innovation and knowledge, Cape Verde is a country full of business opportunities in several areas, such as: tourism, renewable energy, agribusiness, maritime economy, infrastructure, ICT, media and creative industries, among others. Potential and business opportunities abound in this archipelago, so we believe that the Cape Verde Investment Forum is the ideal meeting place for business opportunities, capital and investors with vision.